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Designation & Accreditation

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It has become clear that a definable new role has developed for staff within the fold of those providing dental services. Recent developments in dental treatment technology and techniques have accelerated the evolving need for a specialist to co-ordinate resources with a patient and their treatment plan. Previous definitions of jobs in the field of dental services have not expanded to adequately encompass the functions of a specialist who coordinates the requirements of a patient's treatment plan with the provision of clinical staff and other resources.

Responsibilities of Treatment Planning Coordinator
  • Presentation using multimedia and examples to patients re: treatment options

  • Follow up with insurance and patient to determine final treatment plan

  • Transfer patient to dentist and assistant for treatment

  • Transfer to front desk staff for billing to insurance company and to collect co-payment

  • Apply fee guides & procedure codes.

Treatment Planning
  • Treatment options i.e. options for missing tooth are bridge vs. implant vs. partial vs. none.

  • options for crowding are ortho-referral, Invisalign or no treatment.

  • options for large restorations are crown, inlay/onlay, resin.

  • options for restoring endodontically treated teeth i.e post+core/crown, crown alone, resin alone.

  • Risks vs Benefits of each option.

  • ie. Consequences of partial edentulism such as crowding or over-eruption

  • i.e for each treatment option., such as single-tooth restoration, amalgams, resins, inlays, onlays, porcelain fused to metal crown, all-porcelain crown, no-treatment.

  • Can use visual aids to explain i.e. software, radiographs, study models.

  • Cost of each option.

  • total cost of each option to include estimated lab fees.

Periodontal Treatment Planning
  • Periodontal examinations & Screening

  • Active Therapy, maintenance, & recalls

  • Risk factor evaluation

  • Relation to systemic health

  • Risks of non-treatment 

Informed consent
  • -i.e written or implied.

  • -Should include options and risk vs. benefit for each option.​

Dental Terminology
  • Dental terms necessary to communicate with clinical staff, patients, , and insurance companies.

Pre-determinations and Follow Up- Treatment Planning Coordinator
  • Pre-determinations can be sent, often electronically, to determine the amount of coverage and the  patient’s copayment

  • A log or journal can be kept of pre-determinations to follow up with patients or insurance companies

Pathology & Etiology
  • Caries prevention, signs of decay, 

  • signs of periodontal disease e.g. bone loss

  • prevention 

Payment Plans & Lines of Credit
  • Third-party or in-office.

Intra-oral cameras
  • images captured chair-side can be used for patient dmeonstrations & treatment planning, as well as pre-determinations..

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