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Clinical Support ~ Continuing Ed classes

We have developed a number of ADMIN courses for dental staff, to be presented on-line and in a classroom environment.

Sterilisation and COVID
  • patient screening

  • RCDSO and CDHO guidelines

  • Air quality, aerosols, air exchange

  • Sterilisation of instruments by chemiclave and autoclave

Office Emergencies
  • emergency kit

  • oxygen

  • protocol re. ambulance/911

  • front desk emergencies i.e. syncope, excessive post-operative bleeding, severe pain

  • CPR

Dental Terminology
  • -Basic dental terms for front desk/admin to communicate with patients and clinical staff

  • -no alcohol or cannabis day of treatment

  • -nitrous oxide- not necessarily covered by insurance

  • -anxiolytics ie. Ativan- patient not to drive home

  • -General Anaesthetic usually referral to anaesthesiologist or oral surgeon​

Booking Clinical Appointments
  • Admin staff must know how long and with which provider, to book for each procedure.

Intra-oral cameras
  • images captured chair-side can be used for patient dmeonstrations & treatment planning, as well as pre-determinations..

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