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Admin One 1 ~ Continuing Ed classes

We have developed a number of ADMIN courses for dental staff, to be presented on-line and in a classroom environment.

Responsibilities of Front-Desk Administrators
  • Support office manager, treatment planner, clinical staff (dentists, hygienists, assistants), other Admins

  • Billing and submitting to insurance for treatment, collecting co-payment

  • Answering telephones, greeting patients, answering patient enquiries 

  • submitting predeterminations, obtaining breakdowns

  • COVID screening

  • schedule next clinical or hygiene appointment or generate contact

  • explain procedures to patients

  • Apply fee guides & procedure codes.

  • Complete & submit claim forms.

  • Generate reports & contact lists.

  • Accept payments

  • Booking appointments & recalls using contact lists.

Assignment and Fee for Service
  • Assignment is where the office is reimbursed directly.  Most patients prefer this method.

  • Fee for service the patient pays upfront and is reimbursed by the insurance company

  • A proper breakdown will reveal which options the insurance company allow

  • EDI ~ electronic billing​

Insurance Breakdowns
  • By calling the insurance company at the first visit we can find out things like:  frequency of radiographs and complete oral exams, scaling units per year, percent and type of restorations, whether assignment allowed and more

Government Programs
  • ODSP, OW, healthy smiles, Indigenous and Northern Affairs​​​

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