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Admin Two 2 ~ Continuing Ed classes

We have developed a number of ADMIN courses for dental staff, to be presented on-line and in a classroom environment.

Inclusivity of Patients
  • Patients treated free of discrimination due to sex, gender, sexuality, race or religion

How to Dress for Success
  • Uniforms possible

  • branded collared shirts or button downs with office logo

  • no low-cut tops

  • no open toe shoes

  • clean and tidy/ironed shirts-casual Fridays

How to Improve Office Communication
  • in-office messenger service i.e. Skype

  • Avoid discussing politics, religion, etc.. with patients or co-workers.

  • how to communicate well with patients

Dental Terminology
  • Basic dental terms for front desk/admin to communicate with patients and clinical staff

Phone skills
  • scripts ie. For short notice cancellation.

  • limit on hold time.

  • calling clients to book appointments.

  • collection calls.

Appointment Reminders
  • telephone

  • email

  • text

  • All communications, charts, and records must remain confidential.

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