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Management One ~ Continuing Ed classes

We have developed a number of ADMIN courses for dental staff, to be presented on-line and in a classroom environment.

Responsibilities of the Office Manager
  • Oversee COVID screening and front of office sterilisation

  • Oversee management of office

  • Liaison with clinical staff: dentists, hygienist, assistants

  • Oversee payroll & book-keeping; both may be outsourced.

  • Marketing & advertising.

  • Oversees staff & patient scheduling.

  • Staff evaluations.

  • Evaluate reports & contact lists

  • staff schedules and patient schedules

  • block scheduling for major treatment with DDS or COE or active therapy with RDH

  • scheduled vacations or office shut-down

Human Resources
  • hiring and dismissal of staff

  • equal employment:  indigenous, LGBTQ+, race/culture

  • Scheduling

  • Employee Benefits

Inclusivity of Staff
  • LGBTQ+

  • Barrier-free workplace

  • Free of discrimination:  race, sexuality, age, disabled, culturally sensitive (specific)

  • Self-Learning

  • Written

  • Hands-on

  • Demonstration

How to Fix Burnout and Lighten the Workload
  • regular vacations

  • enforce break

  • decrease overtime hours

  • split shifts evenly

  • hire appropriately​

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